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If the victim was bitten by an unprovoked undomesticated animal such as a raccoon or a bat, an immediate shot may be necessary to prevent the possibility of a rabies infection.

Contrary to common belief, a human bite can sometimes be more dangerous than that of an animal because human saliva contains many more types of bacteria which may cause infection.

A bite from a domestic pet can be painful but rarely requires a visit to the emergency room and unless obvious bodily harm was sustained, a simple precautionary treatment will suffice.

  • Use anti-bacterial soap and water to thoroughly clean the bite wound.
  • Apply antibiotic ointment such as Neosporin to prevent infection.
  • If the injury resulted in broken skin, dress it with a sterile bandage and replace the dressing frequently.
  • If the bite is deep, the victim may need to be treated for a puncture wound.

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