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In case of an emergency you may be the victim's only chance of survival. Until an ambulance arrives and professional assistance is available, you can increase that chance by 40% simply by remembering and effectively administering Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation.

1. Check for responsiveness by shouting and shaking the victim. Do not shake or move the victim if you suspect he may have sustained spinal injury.

2. Call 911.

3. Remember C-A-B:

  • Circulation: if there is no pulse, perform 30 chest compressions at the rate of at least 100/minute - 2 hands, 2 inches.
  • Airway: tilt the head back and lift the neck to clear the airway.
  • Breathing: pinch the victim's nose and give 2 breaths, watching for the chest to rise with each breath.
A brief quiz that follows is intended to reinforce what you've learned about Adult CPR and we strongly recommend that you take and pass the test yourself before proceeding to the next section.

Are you ready? Let's go to the quiz

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